Dec 31, 2011

New Year's Sweet Treat With Beet Rawa Ladoo

Fresh Air....
Fresh Idea....
Fresh Talent....
Fresh Energy....
I wish U to have a .....
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvellous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have a great Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

May The Year 2012 Bring for You....
Happiness,Success and filled with Peace,Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends....Wishing You a...*HAPPY NEW YEAR*

Beet Rawa Ladoo

Rava (Semolina or Suji) Ladoo – Indian Sweet Rava laddoo is a traditional Indian sweet dish made out of rava, milk, sugar and cashews shaped as balls, one of the most popular south Indian sweet.Beetroot can be eaten as raw or in salad with a dressing of mustard oil or vinegar. Beetroot is used to cure anemia due to its richness in Vitamins A, C, iron and Calcium. I have add beetroot for variation of ladoo. The colour of the beetroot not only makes you feel more festive, the flavour of the beetroot definitely adds up taste.


Semolina- 150 g
Sugar- 50 g
Honey- 3 tbsp
Fresh Grated coconut- 1 tbsp
Beetroot- 1 small sized ( very finely grated)
Ghee- 3 tbsp
Milk- 25 ml( warm)
Cardamom powder- 1/2 tsp
Cashew nuts- 15 whole nuts


Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a nonstick pan, add the cashew nuts and fry for few minutes until they brown. Take it out and keep it aside. Then add the grated coconuts and fry until they become brown. Take it out and keep it aside. Then add 1/2 tbsp of ghee and add the finely grated beetroot and fry till all the water evaporates from the beetroot. Take it out and set it aside.

Finally add 1 tbsp of ghee, add the semolina and roast till it releases a nice aroma. Take it out and mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add the sugar, honey , cardamom powder along with it and mix well.
Now add the warm milk little by little and gather with your hands, if you are able to make balls, stop adding milk. Then start making small balls, place in a serving plate and press a cashew nut on top.

Wishing you all of my blogger friends a beautiful, Prosperous and Blessed Happy New Year and Happy blogging!

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Dec 30, 2011

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Traditional Kashmiri cuisine is characterized by the use of curds in the gravies, which gives the dishes a creamy consistency. Better known as Kashmiri Dum Aloo, it is an all time favourite and mouth watering potato based curry recipe, prepared with whole / diced baby potatoes simmered in a rich and creamy gravy. Kashmiri Dum Aloo recipe is generally flavored with Kashmiri chillies and it uses typical Kashmiri spices like fennel / aniseed and ginger flavor. Kashmiri Dum Aloo is particularly served with naan or roomali roti.


Baby potatoes / small potatoes : 1 kg (round and uniform size)
Cumin seeds, roasted and powdered : 1 tsp
Kashmiri red chillies, roasted and powdered : 3-4
Curd / yogurt : 2 1/2 cups
Ginger paste : 1 tsp
Fennel / aniseed powder: 1 tbsp
Cloves, roasted and powdered: 6
Mustard oil: 4 tbsp
Garam Masala: 1 tsp
Mixed powders (Black cardamom, Cinnamon and Black Pepper): 1 tsp
Asafoetida: a pinch
White oil to deep fry potatoes
Salt to taste
Firm dough made from wheat flour 
Chopped coriander leaves: 1 tbsp

Method :

Wash the potatoes well, peel, and prick the potatoes all over with a fork. Then soak in salted water for 15-20 mins.

Heat white oil in a kadhai and fry the potatoes on medium flame on all sides till golden brown. Drain excess oil and keep aside.

Make a paste of curd / yogurt, chilli powder, ginger paste and fennel powder. Add the potatoes and marinate for about an hour.

Heat mustard oil in another kadhai, add the clove powder and asafoetida and mix well. Add a half cup of hot water with a little salt and bring to a boil. 

Slowly add the marinated potatoes and the yogurt mix and thoroughly stir to mix the spices.

Cover with a lid, seal the edges with the dough for the ‘dum’ so that steam do not escape. Cook in a low flame for 10-15 mins.

When the gravy thickens and the oil begins to separate, turn off the flame.

Add garam masala, roasted cumin seeds powder and the mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper powders. Turn gently with a spatula so that all the spices are mixed well.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with Naan / Roomali Rotis / Chapatis.

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Dec 29, 2011

Chicken Cafreal ~ Goan Dish

Goa, renowned for its beaches and world heritage architecture is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Cafreal is a spicy chicken dish which is very popular in Goa. It is made by marinating the chicken with the paste of coriander leaves, ginger, garlic, coconut,green chilli, poppy seeds, cinnamon, cardamoms, cloves, nutmeg and mace powder used in the preparation. This dish was introduced into Goan cuisine by the portuguese. This can be made with chicken or fish. The dominant ingredient in this dish is cilantro or coriander leaves which gives this dish a vibrant green color. You don’t have to visit Goa(a beautiful state in India) to taste this Goan speciality, an aromatic yummy dish…


Chicken : 500 gms, cubed

For making the sauce:

Onion : 4 pieces, finely chopped
Green chilli : 4-5
Ginger : 1 inch piece
Garlic 8-9 cloves
Poppy seeds (khuskhus) : 1 tbsp.
Grated Coconut : 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp.
Clove- 4-5
Cinnamon- 1 inch stick
Cardamom : 2-3
Ground pepper- 1tsp
Cilantro or coriander leaves- 1/4 cup
Ghee : 1 tbsp.
Refine Oil : 3 tbsp.

For Garnishing :

Onion : 2, sliced


Wash the cubed chicken and pat dry it.

Grind the above mentioned ingredients for making the sauce with little water and make it into a smooth paste. Marinate the chicken pieces with this sauce about 3-4 hours (I prefer 24 hrs).

Heat a wide pan, add ghee and add onion, saute till it turns crispy golden brown. Keep aside.

Add oil in pan, then add the marinated chicken, cover the pan with its lid in slow flame.

Cook the paste till the raw smell of the paste goes away. After the chicken has cooked well and most of the water has evaporated. Stir the chicken and cook till the sauce thickens and start to brown a bit.

Transfer into a serving bowl sprikle fried crispy onion and enjoy this with rice, naan or chapathis.


This is a dish with not much gravy in it.
You could make this watery by adding little warm water after the sauce has cooked well.
I would say the thickened and slightly browned version tastes much better.

Dec 28, 2011

Semolina Coconut Burfi

Rawa Coconut burfi is a very famous south indian sweet. It gives a very good flavour of coconut.


Grated Coconut - 1 cup
Rawa - 1 cup
Powdered Sugar - 1  cup
Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp
A few strands of Saffron
Nutmeg powder - 1/2 tsp
Milk - 3/4 cup
Ghee - 3-4 tbsp

Method :

Heat the ghee in a pan, roast the rawa until it turns light golden in colour.Allow it to cool.

Then add the freshly grated coconut, sugar, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder.

Warm the milk and dissolve the saffron in it.

Add it to the above mixture and knead well in slow flame. Now, stir until the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pot. At this point, it helps to know that this is better done in an non-stick type of pot which prevents things from sticking. It starts leaving the side.

Grease a thali with little ghee and put the mixture on it.Allow it to set for some time.

When cool,cut into Desire shaped pieces..

Note :

Equal amounts of rawa:sugar is recommended. Depends on how sweet you want it to be.

Sending this recipe to Raksha's "Desserts with Coconuts" event, Pranati's "Yummy Dessert 4 New Year " event, Anu's "SYF&HWS - Cook With SPICES" Series event


Dec 27, 2011

Panjabi Mooli Paratha (Redish Paratha)

  Stuffed Mooli Paratha is yummy shallow fried stuffed Indian bread belonging to Punjabi Cuisine. Parathas or Paranthas are served as breakfast with butter and lassi in North India. Try this delicious Mooli Paratha if you're in the mood for something filling but low in calories. This recipe is different from the traditional one which uses raw radish.

    If you're looking for a way to include this healthy vegetable, try this paratha. Radish is a watery vegetable which is low in calories, high in fiber and water, and as such, great for weight loss. Rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanins, radish can help prevent many types of cancer such as kidney, colon, intestines, stomach and oral cancer.

Ingredients :

For Stuffing :

Mooli (white radish) : 1 large grated
Ajwain : 1/2 tsp
Onion : 1, finely chopped
Green Chilli : 1, finely chopped
Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp.
Cumin powder : 1 tsp.
Coriander powder : 1 tsp.
Coriander leaves : 1 tbsp chopped
Garam masala powder : 1 tsp.
Chaat masala powder : 1 tsp.
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

For Dough :

Wheat flour : 2 cups
Vegetable oil : 1 tsp.
Salt : 1 tsp
Water as needed

Preparation  :

Mix wheat flour, salt and oil together. Add water to make soft and smooth dough. 2.Cover dough with clean muslin cloth for 10 -15 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare filling for mooli paratha. Wash and peel mooli. Remove leaves. Use white part only.

Grate mooli in a small grater and keep it in a bowl. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and little salt, keep aside for 15 mins. Now sqeeze the water with your hand and keep aside.

Heat oil in a kadai, add ajwain, when it sizzle then add chopped onion, saute for 5 mins. Add green chilli, fry for 2 mins then add all spice powders and mix well.

Now add grated redish and mix well. Cook for 5 mins. Switch off the gas then add chopped coriander leaves and allow it to cool down.

Divide dough in to 8 -10 equal parts and give them a round shape of ball.Take one ball of dough, press it and coat it using dry wheat flour.

Take one ball on Roti making board, press it and coat it using dry flour. Roll out the ball in a 3-4 inch circle.

Put one spoon of mooli stuffing in the center of the Paratha. Wrap the stuffing with Paratha and seal edges of it and again give it a round shape of ball.

Press this ball on Roti making board, coat it with dry flour and roll out carefully giving it a round shape.

Place it on a heated tava. When you see tiny bubbles rising on the surface, turn it over. Cook it on medium flame.

Put 1/2 tsp of oil and spread it with a spatula around the edges. Let it heat for one minute.

Flip Stuffed Paratha again and spread the oil around the edge. Press it with spatula. Let it heat for one minute.

Flip Stuffed Mooli Paratha again and press it with spatula so that it gets cooked evenly. Follow the flipping process until it becomes golden-brown on both sides.

Your Stuffed Mooli (Radish) Paratha is ready to serve with pickel and onion.

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Dec 26, 2011

Christmas Baking : Christmas Chocolate Marbel Cake

Merry Chrismatmas !!!!!


                             God is Love

                      Christmas is all about love

             Christmas is thus about God and Love
         Love is the key to peace among all mankind

      Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation

   Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make happy

 Love starts with your partner, children and family and expands to all world

                       God bless all mankind
                    It's Christmas time all year time to love

Christmas Chocolate Marble Cake

A thin slice of rich marble cake is a fitting end to this first-night dinner. Wrap any leftover cake well and serve it with tea and coffee throughout the weekend. This pretty Marble Cake is a combination of white and chocolate batters that are swirled together just before baking to give that wonderful marbled affect.


200g butter

200g caster sugar

200g self-raising flour

10ml (2tsp) baking powder

4 eggs

20ml (2tsp) cocoa powder

5ml (1tsp) vanilla essence

100g plain cooking chocolate

Method :

Preheat oven to 180°C.

  Using two bowls, place half of the butter, caster sugar, flour, baking powder   and eggs into each bowl.    Beat with an electric whisk until smooth and creamy.

  Mix cocoa powder into one of the bowls, and add vanilla essence to the other
   Grease and line two 8 inch cake tins.
Drop tablespoonfuls of each cake mixture into the prepared tin, alternating between the white & chocolate mixtures.

Briefly swirl the colours together with a knife to give a marbled effect. Bake in the preheated oven for 40 minutes or until firm and a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.Leave in the tin for 5 ming this nutes, then turn out. Remove from the oven and let it cool completely.

Cut cake into slices. Serve it with tea or coffee.

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Dec 23, 2011

Vegetable Stuffed Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora is a favorite breakfast and tea time snack at our home. Everyone loves it and I often make it when its dark, dull, cold and pouring outside. Its a great snack to have during rains and winter also. The stuffed bread pakora is stuffed with a filling of mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables, dipped in besan and deep fried.


Potatoes ~ 2, medium sized
Carrot ~ 1, medium
French Beans ~ 4-5
Handful of shelled peas (Fresh or frozen, both will do)
Salt as per taste
Green chillies ~ 1-2(Adjust your requirement)
Turmeric powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Coriander powder ~ 1/2 tsp
Garam masala powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste ~ 1 tsp(or paste of it..about 4 garlic cloves and 1 inch piece of Ginger)
Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing
Bread ~6 pieces(Brown or white both will do)
Oil ~ 1 tsp. to saute the vegetables
Oil for frying

Besan Batter :

Besan (Gram flour) : 1/2 cup
Red chili powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Amchoor powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Turmeric powder ~ 1/8 tsp
Salt to taste


Boil /pressure cook the potatoes . Shell the peas, peel and chop the carrot into tiny pieces. Chop the french beans too.

If using fresh peas, add these to boiling water in a pan , after few seconds, add carrot and french beans pieces too. Cook till peas are soft.If using frozen peas, then first cook carrot and French beans and add frozen peas just before switching off the gas. Drain and set aside..

Now peel the potatoes and chop or mash them . Add the boiled veggies and keep aside.

In a pan or Kadai, temper the mustard seeds and when they start popping then add ginger-garlic paste, saute till change in colour, add all the dry masalas, salt, green chillies and give it a stir for a while.

Add potatoes and vegetables and salt and give it a nice mix.

Finally, put off the gas, add chopped coriander leaves. Let the stuffing cool down a bit.

Make the besan batter, by adding all the powders listed with besan and add a cup of water to make a loose batter. Add salt to taste.

Now take a bowl, put the reserved liquid (one left after boiling veggies) making sure it is not at all hot Or else you can simply use water, to which some salt, red chilly powder and 1 tsp of Lemon juice is added.

Bread cut into trangular shape. Dip a slice of bread in the liquid, squeeze it gently in between your palms. Now spread a little vegetable stuffing on bread slice then dip another triangle piece in water and squeeze off excess water and then place on the stuffed piece.  Press and seal the sides lightly. Make use of all the triangle pieces to make similar stuffed bread pieces and keep ready to dip in batter.
Deep fry the rolls one by one, frying it on high to medium flame. Do not lessen the flame or the bread will soak more of oil.Fry till nice crisp golden brown crust is seen.

Drain out excess oil by placing the rolls on kitchen towel.

Serve with any condiment of your choice - chutney, ketchup or chilli sauce.
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Dec 22, 2011

Cauliflower Peas Khichdi ~ In Bengali Style

In a heavy rainy day during monsoon season or winter season,we would be craving for khichdi. It takes very less time to prepare also. Khichdi is a preparation made from rice and lentils. Vegetables such as cauliflower, potato, and green peas are commonly added.. Khichdi is commonly served with Peyaji, beguni (deep fried eggplants in a besan batter), ghee (clarified butter), Egg omlatte. If you have some veggies add them to enhance the flavor .For us cauliflower and peas khichdi is a favorite during those winter days. Khichdi is a super fast, healthy one pot meal. You have the option of adding whatever vegetables you want. This comprises essential carbohydrates (Rice) and proteins(Lentils).

Ingredients :

Gobindobhog Rice : 2 cups
Moong Dal : 1/2 cup
Masoor Dal (Red lentils) : 1/2 cup
Toor Dal : 1/2 cup
Channa Dal : 1/2 cup
Cauliflower : 1, small, cut into florets
Peas : 1 cup
Onion : 2, small, sliced
Ginger-garlic paste : 1 tbsp.
Tomato : 1, small, chopped
Green chilli paste : 1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder : 11/2 tsp.
Red chilli powder : 1/2 tsp.
Cumin-coriander powder : 1 tbsp.
sugar : 1/2 tsp.
Salt to taste
Ghee ; 2 tbsp.

For tempering :

Cinnamon : 2 sticks
Cloves : 2
Cardamoms : 3
Bay leaves : 2
Panch Phoron : 1/2 tsp.
Whole red chilli : 1

Method :

Wash the rice, drain all the water. Roast moong dal until golden brown and set aside.
Mix all dals washed and cooked in pressure cooker about 10-15 mins.
Take sufficient water in a big vessel, when water hot then add washed rice, cook it.

Heat oil in a kadai, fry cauliflower and peas in medium flame for 5-7 mins.
In the same oil, add all tempering ingredients and wait for cracked. Now add onion, saute for 5 mins.
Then add ginger-garlic paste, green chilli paste and chopped tomato, saute for 5 mins.
Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin-coriander powder, sugar and salt, mix well.

Masala is done then add fried cauliflower and peas, mix well.
When rice is half done then add cooked cauliflower,peas masala. Cover the vessel and cook it for 15 mins.

Once done add some ghee and mix well.

Serve hot with Beguni, Onion pakora and Egg Omlatte.



Ingredients :

Eggplant :  Eggplant chopped in thin semi circles.
Chickpea Flour/Besan : 1 cup
Water : 3/4 cup
Baking Powder : 1/4 tsp
Red Chili Powder : 1/2 tsp
Rice Flour : 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Method :
Wash the eggplant well and chop in thin semi circle. Smear with turmeric and salt and keep aside for 10 -15 mins.

Make a batter of chickpea flour with all the ingredients listed under batter. Add water gradually to make a batter as thick as a Pakoda batter.

Heat Oil for deep frying in a Kadhai, dip the eggplant slices in the chickpea flour batter so that it is uniformly coated and then gently slide into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown on both sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.

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Dec 20, 2011

Vegetable Idli

It is very good for evening tiffen or breakfast. Now days many children do not like to have vegetables. I hope these of Stuffed Idly may be very color full and attractive to kids. Not only kids like even adults also like that. Because vegetables are good nutrition. The process of making stuffed idly is same only we have stuff the vegetables inside and steam it.

Ingredients :

Idli Batter : 2 cups

For Stuffing :

Carrot : 1, chopped
Curry leaves : 5-6
Salt/Red chilly powder/Turmeric
Mustard: 1/2 tsp.
Channa dal : 1/2tsp.
Curry leaves : few
Oil : 1tsp.

Method :

In a bowl mix idli batter with water as per packet direction.

Heat oil in the pan add mustard seeds, channa dal and curry leaves, when seeds are splutter then add chopped carrots, close the lid.let it cook for few mins.

Once the vegetable cooked.,it's all done. Mix with idli batter .

Grease idli moulds with ghee/oil. Depending on the size of the idli plates fill between 3 to 4 tablespoons of batter in each mould.

You could use a pressure cooker or any vessel for that matter to steam idlis. I steam mine in a pressure cooker. Before filling the idli plates, add some water in the cooker (about 1 inch) and switch on the stove. So by the time you are done with the batter the water will start boiling and you can place the idli stand in the cooker and close the lid. Since the water is already hot and steaming the idlis cook very fast. Around 9-10 minutes you will see steam escaping from the lid's vent.

After 5 – 7 minutes open the lid. Use an oven mit or kitchen towel to remove the idli stand because it will be very hot.

Remove each plate one by one, give a quick wash showing the back sides of the plate, under running water. This will loosen up the idlis and will help in scooping out the idlis from the plate.

Serve with Sambar and Cilantro-Coconut Chutney.

Cilantro-Coconut Chutney

There are very traditional recipes prepared with it and by far the most simple and classic recipe is coconut chutney in all its variations. Coriander coconut chutney, is one such classic example of an irresistable chutney that is easy to prepare, nutritious and flavorful.

Ingredients :

1 cup coconut, grated fresh or frozen thawed
1½ cups cilantro/coriander (leaves and stems)
2-3 small green chillies (See Concoctions 101)
½  tsp sugar
1/2 tsp chnna dal, urad dal
½ tsp cumin & coriander powder (dhana-jeera powder)
Few curry leaves
water, as required

Method :

Combine all the ingredients in a blender/grinder/food processor and grind to a thick paste. Add water, as necessary.

Heat a tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, channa dal, urad dal,curry leaves and let them splutter. Now add thick paste, cook for 5 mins.

Transfer the paste to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator till you are ready to serve. It can be refrigerated for 1-2 weeks.


Dec 19, 2011

Chinese Mix Vegetable

I love Chinese food and this is something which I love to combine with paratha or roti. This Chinese mix veg is a delicious and colorful mix of vegetables cooked in the sauces to provide the authentic Chinese taste and flavor.

Ingredients :

Green Bell Pepper
Onions- 1 Medium ( Cut in big pieces)
Ginger (cut in long pieces)
Garlic- 4 pieces (Paste of 2, and 2 cut in small pieces)
Green chilli - 2, slitted
Tomato Ketchup- 2/3 cup
Soya Sauce- 5 tsp
Chilli Sauce - 2 tsp
Salt- to taste

Method :

Cut all the vegetables in medium pieces.

Heat the oil in a pan.put ginger and garlic fry for 1 min then add onions, fry well.

After 30 seconds add Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, beans and 1/2 tsp salt with it.

Saute for 5-10 mins with lid in slow flame. then add cabbage, Scallion and Green Pepper, saute well for 5 mins.

When vegetable is half done then add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce and salt to taste, saute for 5 mins.

Serve hot with paratha or roti or any type of bread preparation.

Dec 15, 2011

Fabulous Blog Award !!!

I thank to Hema of Hema's Blog for giving me this  wonderful award. Hema has loads of lot of interesting recipes in her blog. And I am happy to have received this wonderful award with the greatest honour.Thanks to all my blogger friend's and viewer's for giving your wonderful supports. I want to pass all my blogger friend's who regularly visit my blog and leave their precious feedback.But I have seen awards getting restricted to 5 on many bloggers sites I am passing on this award to 5 of my friends.

    Passing these wonderful awards to all my lovely friends,

1. Jay of  Tasty Appetite
2. Julie of
Erivum Puliyum
3. Indrani of Recipe Junction
4. Aarthi of YUMMY TUMMY
5. Faseela of Good Food Ends With Good Talk

Dec 14, 2011

Semolina Cookies (Suji Biscuit)

This soft, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits is so easy to make and my family's favorite. These semolina cookies are a delicious treat to serve with tea or coffee. These cookies are very easy to make and stay fresh for several weeks when stored in an airtight container.

Ingredients :

Butter : 100gm, melted
Self raising flour : 100 gm
Semolina : 100 gm
Sugar  :50 gm
Raisin for decoration

Method :

Combine butter and sugar, beat well.

Now add the flour and semolina to the butter mixture.

Forms into soft dough, shape into small balls. Press it to make a flat and round shape 1/2-inch in diameter. Decorate with raisin, pressing gently. Repeat with the remaining mixture.

Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet or baking sheet for 30-40 minutes, until cooked but still white. Make sure they don't brown. Let the cookies cool and harden.

Serve the semolina cookies with a hot cup of masala chai (tea) or coffee.

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Dec 13, 2011

Hing Ki Kachori (Asafetida Flavored Deep Fried Puris)

Kachori ( Kachauri) is a spicy snack popular in North India. It is usually accompanied with a curry made of potatoes and pickle. Hing Kachoris are made with ground urad dal and lot of hing ( asafetida). The heavy aroma of asafoetida is a signal for me that winter is round the corner. Hing, after all, gives you a nice and warm feeling.

Ingredients :

For dough -

Refined flour (maida) : 1 Cup
Whole wheat flour : 1 Cup
Cooking oil : 2 tbsp.

For Filling -

Urad dal : 1 cup
Ginger paste : 1/4 tsp.
Cumin seeds : 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder : 1 tsp.
Asefetida : 1/2 tsp.
Sugar : 1/4 tsp.
salt to taste

For Frying -

Cooking oil to deep fry

Method :

Mix the maida, wheat flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Add oil, rub until fully incorporated and the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add warm water; knead to make smooth soft dough. Cover with moist napkin and keep aside for one hour.

Soak dal in water overnight.Grind to a paste without adding too much water.
Now put oil in a pan, add cumin seeds and hing, then add ginger paste, fry for a minute.

Next add urad dal paste, salt, sugar and turmeric powder. Cook well till it changes color to light brown. Take it off the flame.Let it cool for about 10 min. 

Now make equal sized small balls of dough. Roll out each ball to approximately three inches in diameter. Spread about 1 tsp of ground dal on top surface of it.

Bring the edges together to seal the filling to make a ball. Make sure most of the air escapes before the edges are sealed and ball is made. Press down the ball making it flatter. Now press each ball between the two palms with the help of oil or dry flour (like how naans are made) to a 3” disc, slightly thicker than puri.

Heat the oil in a wok (kadhai); deep-fry the kachoris, a few at a time, on medium heat till they puff up and become crisp and golden on both sides.

Remove and drain the excess oil on absorbent kitchen paper towels.

Serve hot & Njoy.........

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