Apr 15, 2012

SPOTLIGHT : "Healthy Breakfast Ideas" ~ Announcement Monthly Event

Variety is the spice of life. In India, breakfast or 'Nashta', varies from region to region. Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day as it gives us the much needed energy after a night's sleep. But we often ignore it as we are in a hurry to reach to work/school. So I have been thinking to announce the theme of this month’s Spotlight as Healthy Breakfast Ideas to start our day stronger and get going. So all you fabulous cooks out there, get ready to don your aprons and dish out some delicious balanced breakfast recipes to share with us.

              Thank you so much for your wonderful participation in last 2 Spotlight events, and looking forward to more delightful entries on this month too at my space for "SPOTLIGHT : Healthy Breakfast Ideas". Deadline will be May 15th, 2012.

The rules of this event:
1. As the theme is Breakfast Ideas, prepare any healthy breakfast dish, for kids as well as for adults, in one word, for your whole family. Veg & Non-Veg - both are allowed.

2. Post it in your blog from April 15 to May 15 and link it to my announcement and original spotlight announcement link. You can send multiple entries.

3. Archived entries are allowed if they are reposted with the link to the announcement page and Original Spotlight announcement link.

4. The use of logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word about the event.

5. Non-bloggers can also send their recipes to the email below.

6. Use the linky tool at the end of the post to link your recipes. If u are having any problems linking up, just send to my email  address : chandranibanerjee10 (at) gmail (dot) com with subject line "Spotlight : Breakfast Ideas" in below format,

Your Name:
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  I am looking forward to see all the wonderful healthy dishes by my blogger and non blogger friends.

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  1. True, breakfast is the most important meal of the day...perfect event.
    Will send my entries.
    Happy hosting !

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  3. Nice event, will send some..

  4. Welcome dear...I am waiting for your lovely creation..

  5. nice event... will send my entries soon...

  6. sent in my entry! thanks for such a nice event

  7. hi i just sent my entry. thanks for hostind such a great event ;)

    Jayne @ www.bonteka.blogspot.com

  8. nice event dear..just linked my entry! :)

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  10. Linked my entry, Southern Biscuit with potato spinach patty!!

    Spicy Treats

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