May 27, 2011

Award !!!!!!!!

I thank to Pratima Shivraj of Indian Recipes for giving me this  wonderful award. Pratima has loads lot of interesting recipes in her blog. She had a wonderful blog. Keep blogging, wish you loads of success......... Thanks to all my blogger friend's and viewer's for giving your wonderful supports.

  I would love to share this award with all these wonderful blogger friends :  

1. Indrani of Recipe Junction
2. Umm Mymoonah of Taste Of Pearl City

3. Authenticoriyafood of Oriya Rasoi
4. Suja of Kitchen Corner- try It

5. Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty recipes
6. Savitha of Savitha's Kitchen
7. Priya of Now Serving
8. Deeksha of Dee's Kitchen
9. Divya of Divya's Recipes
10. Suparna of Food Fascination

Pass this award to any number of your blogging friends, it will be appreciated.

Rules to follow to claim and share these awards:-

~Thank and Link the blogger who has given you the award.
~Copy and paste the Logos in your blog.
~Pass these on to any number of Great Blogger friends
~Comment on the most recent post and let the nominated blogger know of the award.

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