Sep 8, 2011

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrate With Srikhand

Happy Janmashtami

                Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and revered Gods in the Hindu religion. Lord Krishna was born as the eighth child of Devki and Vasudev but was brought up by Mata Yashoda and Baba Nand.. He is known as “Makhan Chor” as he was fond of makhan (butter) and used to steal it with his friends. The incident of lifting Govardhan Mountain to save the people from rain made him famous as Girdhari. Also known as Banwari - the one staying in the groves of Vrindavan. Janmashtami comes every year on the eighth day in the Month of August-September. Sri Krishna was born in the ‘Rohini’ star. Janmashtami is celebrated for two days, the first day is called Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami and the second day is called Kalastami or Janmashtami. Janmashtami also known as Sri Krishna Astami is celebrated on the occasion of birth ceremony of Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna born on Astami.Janmashtami celebration in Brij and Mathura is world famous. Krishna's birthday is a significant festival.Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri KrishnaThis festival is also known as Sri Krishna Jayanti and Krishnashtmi. The celebration essentially takes place at midnight as it is believed that the god made his divine presence during this hour about more than five thousand years ago in Mathura city.
             Krishna Janmashtami festival, or Krishna jayanti, is celebrated with joy & fervour and holds utmost significance in the Indian Hindu families. On this day, after giving bath, the idol of Lord Krishna is adorned with new clothes of yellow color and precious jewellery. The idol of lord is offered special bhog made up of milk and fruit products.The devotees all over mark this revered festival by fasting upto midnight, chanting hymns and mantra, singing bhajans and by performing special prayers to seek the blessings of the Lord Krishna.

              Sri Krishna lived in luxury throughout his life, Sri Krishna Jayanti is celebrated with pomp and splendor. Plenty of sweets are made on this day. Among these are laddus (yellu oonde), chakli, cheedai, payasam (kheer), and so on. In addition, plenty of milk products especially butter, which was Sri Krishna's favorite childhood food, is given in offerings. A wide variety of fruits are also offered. The most common sweets made laddus, shrikhand and payasam.

   Shrikhand is a very popular Indian dessert which is made from strained yogurt. Janmashtami is celebrated fun and fervor by Hindus all over India. A variety of sweets are prepared, which are specially of Janmashtami. Shrikhand is one such melt in the mouth sweet. It is also known as sweet yogurt mainly because of its rich color. Shrikhand is a mouth-watering sweet dish which does not require any special time or event to be enjoyed. It can be eaten any time when you develop a craving for sweet dishes. Shrikhand is normally eaten as a side dish along with fried bread or poori. It is also eaten just as a dessert. You can eat shrikhand as a part of vegetarian thali in most restaurants.

Ingredients :

Thick Curd : 1 kg
Powdered Suger : 3/4 cup
A few strands saffron 
Warm Milk : 1 tbsp.
Cardamom powder (elaichi) : 2 tsp.
Rose Water : 1 tsp.

For Garnish with some safforn

Method :

Hang the curds in a muslin cloth in a cool place for approximately 3 hours until all the liquid (whey) has drained off.

Rub the saffron into the warm milk until it dissolves.

Mix together the hung curds, sugar, saffron mixture and cardamom in a bowl, using a hand blender. Place in the refrigerator. Spread rose water.

Serve cold garnished with some saffron.

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