Mar 2, 2012

Besan Burfi (Chickpea Fudge)

A sweet and delicious indian dessert burfi made with besan and ghee. Besan burfi is a very popular mithai in north India just like mysore paak in south India. The only difference is the appearance and texture, though both of them have the same ingredients. Those who are calorie and weight conscious, this is not for them :-). But this has its own benefits. It is very good during winter months.


Besan (chickpea flour/gram flour) - 2 cups
Ghee (clarified butter) - 1 cups
Sugar - 3/4 (if you like it very sweet can add 1 cup)
Cardamom - 1 teaspoon
Milk - 1 tbsp
Ghee 1 tbsp

Few Raisin for gurnishing


1. Let's prepare besan flour first. Add 1 tb spoon milk and 1 tsp ghee in to   the besan flour.

2. Mix all together nicely and rub in between the palm to make sure there is no lumps remain. All you need is grainy texture.

3. Take a sieve with a big hole and rub the besan flour on the sieve with very little bit  pressure.

4. you will get very nice grainy texture flour.

5. Heat ghee on a pan and add besan flour in it.

6. Keep the heat on medium to low flame and stir continuous.

7. After 10-15 min of stirring you will see the ghee is coming out of the flour and your flour is very light and fluffy. That is the sign of you flour is done.

8. Switch off the heat and stir it gently to cool it down.

9. Now, add sugar in it. Make sure the mixture should not be very hot.
10. Add Cardamom powder to the mixture. and spread it into a greased plate.

11. Let it cool down and cut criss cross with a sharp knife to form diamond shape.

12. Serve & Njoy........

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  1. All time favorite. Irresistible besan burfi. Yours looks perfect and delicious.

  2. very delicious burfi..I have a couple of them in my kitchen

  3. wow i've never made barfi i want to make one soon!

  4. Yummy burfi.. Would love a bite///

  5. I love this simple yet delicious burfis. Can i have few?

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Never made Barfi myself.. sounds delicious

  7. Superb for Holi..:)
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  8. darun hoyeche burfi gulo...patha kata

  9. perfectly done......iam sure it tastes superb...

  10. Delicious burfis...would like to have some now

  11. My all time fav...just so beautifully done here.

    Thanks for linking.
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  12. Delicious burfi...never had this before. Awesome dear :)

  13. This looks absolutely yummy..I should try this soon...Bookmarking this one..


  14. Superb burfis, done very perfectly..

  15. nice sweet for holi..expecting your participation for my FRUIT FIESTA join in

  16. Have tasted this in my fiends place & this is indeed tasty..a very close competition to South Indian 7 cups :D..Thanks for linking it to my event! :)

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  17. besan burfi sounds new n interesting...looks yummy n nicely done...thanks for sharing!!
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  18. delicious n simple..lovely burfi!!

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  19. Baisen burfi is one of my favourite sweets... and now I am your new follower :) Clicked on your family website; very interested to see you village as I have connections in that area.

  20. Very delicious burfi Dear. Absolutely love it.
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  21. hi chandrani how are you, very pretty and yummy looking dessert. never seen this kind of dessert before. have a nice day

  22. Thanks all of you for your lovely comments.

  23. What a beautiful looking dessert! This looks incredible!

  24. my mom fav....thanks for linking this recipe with my event
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