Jun 8, 2012

Round-up of Spotlight : Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I am so sorry for this delay for posting April month series SPOTLIGHT : Healthy Breakfast Ideas roundup. But I’m so happy for it, as all the wonderful entries are impressed in my mind. I enjoyed doing this roundup very much as it always poses a big headache when it comes to making breakfast. We  make something new every time and not the same old ones which makes them very bored. So you are welcome to choose from this collection of scrumptious breakfast to make for every day and make your family happy. I got 72 different healthy breakfast recipes.A BIG THANKS to everyone who participated and sent in your lovely healthy entries for this event. Let’s move on the visual treat.......

Farah -    Paruppu Thogayal
Mayeeka -  Moong Dal Paratha
Shobha -  Dal Pakwan & Seero
Shobha -  UGGANI - Puffed Rice Snack
Shobha -   Seyala Bread Slices ( Sindhi )
Shobha -  Mitho Chillo (Sweet Pancake)
Chandrani -  Open Faced Potato Sandwich
Hema -   Vermicelli Upma (Curled Broken Spaghetti) With Spring Onions
Julie  -  Spinach Omelette (Replica)
Shama -  Bread Upma
Shobha - Cottage Cheese/Paneer Sandwich
Sushma -  Broccoli Paratha

Jayne - Mango Orange Lassi
Shama - Fruit open sandwich
Reshmi - Vegetable Sandwich
Amina - Mini Sambar Idli
Kaveri - Nendram Pazham Nurukku
Shama - Mixed Veggie Vermicilli upma
Shobha - Pepper Jeera Puri
Shobha -  Instant Rava Dosa
Minu -  Ela Ada
Minu -   Ricotta & Basil Muffins
Rosh -   Strawberry Pancakes

Hygee - Wheat Puttu
Hygee -Idli
Chandrani -  Palak Paratha
Hygee -   Pathiri
Poonam -  Matar Potli Samosa

Maayeka - Eggplant Panini
Indrani - Bread Utthapam
Chandrani - Onion Uttapam
Farah - Pesarettu
Shobha -  Radhala Maani
Shobha - Sindhi Koki

Chandrani - Vegetable Dalia
Shobha - Pongal
Shobha -  Batata Suica
Shobha - Seyun Patata
Follow Foodie - Spicy Paniyaram Recipe
Shobha - Masala Bread

Julie - Ottada
Supriya - Chole Puri
Supriya - Batata Vada
Sangeetha -  Southern Biscuits
Follow foodie - Vermecelli Upma
Shama -  Salad Sandwich

Follow Foodie - Bonda recipe / Fried Dumplings

       Thank you dear friends for participating with such zest and for making the day’s beginning wonderful. I hope you will continue to send your entries to this month’s theme SPOTLIGHT : Summer Cooler...

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