Oct 19, 2012

Round-up of Spotlight : Healthy Snacks/Appetizer

Finally, the round-up of Spotlight : Healthy Snacks/Appetizer Ideas is out. After juggling with 107 yummy entries, I've tried to categorize all the entries into their respective groups. As there were lots of entries, there are some repetations. If I have missed any of your entries, please let me know. I'll include that in the round-up. I have no words to Thank All Of You for sending such brilliant ideas for the event. Please shower your support this way in future also. Let's start this delicious journey with.....
Snacks as Breakfast Items :

First Row(LEFT TO RIGHT) :
Dhokla Cake from Food Mazaa
Onion Uthappam from Preeti's Kitchen Life
Khaman Dhokla in MW from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Paniyaram From Nivedhanam
Second Row(left to right) :
Poached Eggs from Follow Foodie
Phir Bhi Dil hai Hindustani-Dhokla from Pure Vegetarian Bites
Kara Paniyaram(Spicy Rice Balls) From Sara's Tasty Buds
5 Taste Uthappam from Sara's Tasty Buds 
Third Row(left to rigth) :
Besan Cheela from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Tiranga Idli from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Oats & Fruits Smoothie from Preeti's Kitchen Life
Uthappam from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Fourth Row(left to rigth) :
Vada with Sambar from Shruti's Rasoi
No Dough Pizza from Shruti's Blog 
Vegetable Oats from Random Ponderings of a Working Mom
Paneer Paratha from Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Sandwiches/Burgers :

From Top Left(clockwise):
Breakfast Sub Or veggie Sub from Cook-eat-Burrrp
Rajma Sandwich from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Del Monte Nugget Sandwich from My healthy happy Kitchen 
Tomato, Cucumber & lettuce sandwich from Shweta in the Kitchen
Vege Burger from Cook-eat-Burrrp
Bread Matra (yellow chickpeas) sandwich form Priyanka's Simple & delicious recipes 
Soya Potato patties from Sahasra Recipes

Baked Goodies :
First Row(left to right) :
Veg Pizza from Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Chocolate Ginger Bundt cake from Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Bow-Tie Khara Biscuits from Food Mazaa

Second Row(left to right) :
Savory Oats Muffin from Nivedhanam
Almond & Tutti-frutti Quick Bread from Nivedhanam
Chocolate Oats Bar from Nivedhanam
Third Row(left to right) :
Honey Cake from Shama's Easy2cook recipes
Lemon Drizzle Bar from Love, eat, read & Live
Spicy Steamed Cup from Preeti's Kitchen Life
 & lastly,  Homemade Garlic Bread from Follow Foodie

Pasta/Noodles :
First Row(left to right):
Spaghetti with Tofu in Tomato-Parsley sauce from Love, Eat, Read & Live
Mixed Hakka Noodles from Sanoli's Kitchen
Pasta with Minced Meat from Hyderabadi Cuisine
Second Row(left to right):
Pasta with Spinach Sauce from Sahasra recipes 
Vegetable pasta from Sahasra Recipes
Vegetable Noodles from Shama's Easy2cook recipes
Third Row(left to right):
Scrambled Egg Pasta from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Scrambled Egg Spaghetti From Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Spaghetti Bolognese from Sanoli's Kitchen
Chicken Hakka Noodles from Cuisine Delights (Host's entry)

Lastly, Penne pasta with Broccoli & Spinach from Food Mazaa

Dips/Salad :
First Row(left to right) :
Lettuce Fruit Wraps From Sahasra Recipes
Tomato-Basil Soup from Shweta In the Kitchen
Guacamole from Food Mazaa
Second Row(left to right) :
Tomato Salsa from Food Mazaa
Chickpea Salad(chana Chat) from Shruti's Rasoi
Tahini Yogurt Dip From Gheza-e-Shiriin
Third Row(left to right) :
Garbanzo beans Salad from Nivedhanam
Bok Choy-Zucchini in Lettuce cups from Cook-eat-Burrrp
Sprouts & Corn Salad from Preeti's Kitchen Life

Snacks as snacks/appetizer : 
Collage 1 

First Row(left to right) :
Bengali Vegetable Chop from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Vegetable Spring roll from Shweta in the Kitchen 
Vegetable Rolls from Sahasra Recipes  
Tamalapaku (Betel leaves) Bajji from Sahasra Recipes
Second Row(left to right) :
Soya 65 from Food Mazaa
Potato Pea patties from Love, Eat, Read & Live
Pav Bhaji from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Spring Onion Rings from Food Mazaa 
Third Row(left to right) :
Noodles Samosa from Sahasra Recipes
No Dough Pizza from Shruti's Blog
Moong dal patties from Food Mazaa
Mochar Chop(banana flower Cutlets) from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Fourth Row(left to right) :
Stuffed Mirchi Pakora from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Sweet banana pepper fritters/Mirchi/Milagai Bhajji from Follow Foodie
Masala Kadalai/Crispy fried peanuts from You too Can Cook
Keema Pakoras from Food Mazaa
Collage 2 :

First Row(Left to right):
Hara Bhara Kabab from Shruti's Rasoi
Handvo From Food Mazaa
Cauliflower Manchurian from Sahasra Recipes
Gobi Manchurian from Priyanka's Simple & Delicious recipes
Second Row(Left to right):
Ghugni-Bengali white Chickpea Curry from Recipe Junction(host's entry)
Crispy Spinach pakora from Food Mazaa  
Egg Fried Rice Samosa from Sahasra Recipes
Egg Roll from Ghar Ka Khana
Third Row(Left to right):
Daler Bora(Spicy lentil fritters) from Cuisine Delights(host's entry)
Cracker Topper from Shweta in the Kitchen 
Corn Cheese Ball from Preeti's Kitchen life
Fourth Row(Left to right):
Chicken Tikka from Shweta in the Kitchen 
Chicken Roll from Cuisine Delights(host's Entry)
Chicken 65 from TamilsKitchen
Brown Chana Vada from Fork n Folks 

 Banana Blossom Vadai from Sara's Tasty Buds 

Dhokla Stuffed Capsicum From Santosh's Kitchen

Some other Healthy snacks/Appetizer ideas:
First Row(Left to right):
Aubergine Pate from Love, Eat, Read & Live
Palak cheese rolls from Shandruchulu
Achari Bread Roll from Dee's Kitchen
Halwa Paratha from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Second Row(Left to right):
Trevti/Tadka Dal from Preeti's kItchen Life
Paneer Paratha from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Matar Sheddho/Cooked Yellow Peas from Sanoli's Kitchen
Third Row(Left to right):
Churi dal from Food mazaa 
Chole Kulchay from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Poha from Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Peas Upma From Shruti's Rasoi
Fourth Row(Left to right):
Raw Banana Fritters from Sara's tasty buds
Pav Bhaji from Priyanka's Simple & Delicious recipes 
Kara Sev from Follow Foodie
Fish tandoori from Sanoli's Kitchen

 Dessert :

From Top left (clockwise) ::
Buttery Apple Slices From You too can cook
Soft Coconut Burfi from You too can cook
Mawa Gujiya from  Priyanka's Simple & Delicious recipes 
Plum Relish from A homemaker's Diary
Shahi Tukra from Tangy Minds
Tofu Chocolate Pudding from Nivedhanam

Our journey ends here right now, wasn't it mouth watering? Now don't forget to send your traditional Festival recipes to this Month's Spotlight event, "Spotlight : Festive Food"

I sincerely thank each one of you for sending such creative healthy recipes to us.

Many of you sent multiple entries..
Most Entries sent by Food Mazaa, total of 10 recipes, A special thanks to Shobha of Food Mazaa
Sahasra Recipes sent 9 recipes
Indian vegetarian Recipes 8 recipes
Nivedhanam, Shweta in the KItchen, Preeti's KItchen life, Sanoli's Kitchen each sent 5 recipes

Please accept this badge as a token of gratitude from Spotlight 

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