Nov 16, 2012

Adhirasam SNC Challenge

I am glad to be a part of SNC hosted by our friend Divya pramil  from YOU TOO CAN COOK.. This is my first challenge recipe really exicited to take part in this challenge as it is learning experience for each and every blogger  including me . I am proud to be in north team and it is good for me because I can learn all south indian dishes with the help of our south
Indian team friends  :) This months challenge from South Indian team to North Indian team is  "Adhirasam" by Yashodha from YASHODHA'S KITCHEN...

Adhirasam is a South Indian delicacy made with fresh ground rice flour and jaggery. Although the ingredients are simple, care has to be taken while preparing them to get the right consistency. Adhirasam is a crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Ingredients :

Raw rice - 2 cups
Jaggery / Brown sugar - 1 cup
cardamom powder - a pinch
Water -1/4 cup
Milk - 5 or 6 tsp (optional)
Ghee - 1 or 2 tsp (optional)

Method :

Soak the rice for 30mins. After 30 mins, rinse it and drain the water.

Spread the rice in a towel for about 10 mins to absorb the excess water content of the rice. When 3/4th dried, grind the rice in a mixer to a form of powder should be neither coarse nor fine.

Add jaggery and water in the heavy bottomed vessel. Allow them to boil. Add cardamom powder on it.

Boil the jaggery water and keep stirring it until the jaggery comes to stone consistency. This means when we take a drop of jaggery juice and pour it in water, it should not dissolve rather we should be able to make a ball out of it. It should not be hard as well. This is the right consistency. When you allow the syrup more than the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will become hard. If the syrup is taken before the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will break while frying. You should be very careful at this stage. 

Now remove the jaggery from flame.  After few minutes add rice flour slowly and stir well until you get soft dough. Mix well, so that no lumps are formed till you get chappathi dough consistency. Now the adhirasam mixture is ready for preparation.

Keep this adhirasam mixture aside for at least one day.

Heat oil for deep fry. Make a small ball of the adhirasam mixture and place it in a oil greased banana leaf. Spread the mixture like vadai and drop it in oil once the oil is hot.

Deep fry the adhirasam till it becomes golden color. Don't put more than two adhirasam in the oil. Repeat the above steps for the rest of mixture.

Remove adhirasam from the oil and squeeze the excess oil by pressing flat bottomed bowl on the adhirasam.

The Delicious Adhirasam is ready to serve...

Linking this to Yashoda's Kitchen's Adhirasam.

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