Jun 5, 2013

Aam Doi (Baked Mango flavoured Sweet Yogurt) ~ A Crazy Summer Treat

Summer in India for foodies is identical with the mango season. Mango is called " King of Fruits". Mango are not only delicious but are rich in vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidants. Aam Doi is a very famous,quick, easy and refreshing dessert perfect for summer. This dessert prepared with homemade or store bought yogurt. The yogurt mixed with thick milk, freshly mango pulp and then baked upto thick, creamy consistency. It is known as Bhapa Aam Doi (Baked Mango Yogurt). Serve it chilled. 

Ingredients :

Milk - 2 cups
Condense milk - 1 tin
Yogurt - 1/2 cup (bought from store)
Fully ripe mango - 2 medium

Method :

Pre-heat the oven 150C.

Peel the mango and take out the pulp.

Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan, until volume is reduced almost half of the original. Once done then remove from the stove allow to cool it until warm.

Beat yogurt to a smooth puree. Now pour beaten yogurt to the warm milk, whisk it. Make sure there is no lump. Add 2/3 condense milk in the milk mixure and whisk again. Pout the mixture into a oven proof bowl and cover the bowl with aluminum foil.

In a separate bowl take the mango pulp and beat until smooth puree. 

Now rest of the condense milk into mango puree and beat another minute. This mixture also pour the oven proof bowl and cover with aluminum foil. 

Place the bowl one by one into the oven and baked it 30 minutes. Just check it if the top of the yogurt has set and turn off the oven.

Take it out and refrigerate for a couple of hours to allow to settle.

Now take a serving bowl or glass, Add 4 tbsp of plain yogurt mixure. Refrigerate for 30 mins to allow to set.

Once set pour another 4 tbsp of mango mixture and then add 4 tbsp plain yogurt mixture on the top for another 30 mins.

Serve it chilled & Njoy.......

Sending this to Indrani's "Spotlight : Summer Fruit", Guru's "Giveaway Summer'13 Drinks & Desserts", Nivedhanam's "Kids Delights - sweet treat" & "FR- eggless baking- sweet & savory" and Simply Food's "Taste of Tropics - Mango" event

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