Oct 24, 2013

Triangular Nimki (Teen Kona Nimki)

Diwali is almost here and it has been a busy time with so much happening at home. I made some salty crunchy teen kona nimki for diwali. Nimki is one of the famous snacks in Bengali delicacy. Nimki is a crispy deep fried snacks that made with all purpose flour and flavor of kalonji added to it. 

Ingredients :

All purpose flour/Maida - 1 cup
Kalonji seeds - 1/2 tsp
Sugar - a pinch
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Baking soda - 1 tsp
Refine / white oil - 1 tbsp
Water to knead the dough
Oil for frying

Method :

Take maida in a bowl, add kalonji seeds, sugar, salt, baking soda, 1 tbsp refine oil, run with hand to mix together. Then add little water at a time to make it into a tight dough. Covver and keep aside for half an hour. Divide the dough and make equal size balls.

Using a rolling pin, roll out thin puris. Fold into half 2 times consecutively giving it the shape of a trikon / triangle.Press a cloves in the middle of the triangle. Follow the same process for the remaining dough.

Heat oil in a kadai. Drop the preparing nimki into hot oil in small batches and fry on low flame. Frequently turning them and fry until golden brown. Drain the excess oil on a paper towel and let them cool.

A very delicious snacks that can be stored away in a tight container for a long time. 

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