Dec 3, 2013

Round-up of Spotlight : Festive Treat 2

Here goes the round-up of Spotlight : Festive Treat 2, Thanks a lot to everyone participated so enthusiastically in these last two series. Totally enjoyed making the round-up of so many Indian delicacies in one page. Wishing to get all your support in future Spotlight events.
Again here is for you,  Spotlight : Festive Treat 1
Spotlight : Continental is going on at RECIPE JUNCTION from 17th Nov. till 15th Jan.,'14

Sweets :
Collage 1

Left Column(top to bottom)
Carrot Kheer by Subha's Veg Recipes
Beetroot Laddoo by Simply TADKA
Middle Column(top to bottom)
Kala Jamun by Cuisine Delights(Host's entry)
Ashoka Halwa by Sugar 'n' Spice
Right Column(top to bottom)
Rabri by Cuisine Delights(Host's entry)
Moong Dal Laddoo by My Kitchen Odessey
Rajbhog by Nivedhanam
Besan Laddoo by Nandoo's Kitchen

Collage 2


Left Column(top to bottom)
Chirote/Khaja by Purely Pedestrian
Gulab Balushahi by Amu's Recipes
Gulgule by My life and Spice
Middle Column(top to bottom)
Coconut Raisin Laddoo by My experiments with Food
Rosy Cashew Chirote by Purely Pedestrian
Kaju Katli/Cashew Burfi by My Kitchen Odessey
Right Column(top to bottom)
Coconut Burfi by Amu's Recipes
Kaju Katli/Cashew Burfi by My Kitchen Odessey
Gulab Jamun by Sanoli's Kitchen 
Collage 3

Left Column(top to bottom)
Low Fat Gajar ka Halwa by Sweets & Spices
Stuffed Plaintain by A Bowl of Curry
Middle Column(top to bottom) 
Pista Katli by Flavors and Colors

Parwal ki Mithai by Simply TADKA
Saffron Rice Pudding by Cuisine Delights(Host's entry)
Right Column(top to bottom)
Microwave Mysore Pak by Home Cook Food
Moong Dhal Laddoo by Krithi's Kitchen
Nutrient Powder Halwa by Nandoo's Kitchen 
Shakkarpare by Purely Pedestrian

Snacks :
Collage 1

Left Column(top to bottom)
Rice and Urad dal Chakli by My Kitchen Odessey

Maida Chakli by Purely Pedestrian
Kachari-Crispy Rice Snack by Budding Homemaker

Middle Column(top to bottom) 
Ribbon Pakora by My Kitchen Odessey
Chilly Rings by Budding Homemaker
Right Column(top to bottom)
Butter Murukku by Flavors and Colors
Kalmi Vada by My Life and Spice
Chakli/Butter Murukku by Nandoo's Kitchen

Collage 2

From Top Left (clockwise)
Ribbon Murukku by Krithi's Kitchen
Rice Fritters by My Kitchen Odessey
Namakpara by Purely Pedestrian
Sev By Amu's Recipes 
South Indian Mixture by Malas-Kitchen
Omapodi by Nandoo's Kitchen

Baked Goodies :

Top Row
Baked Apple & Cottage Cheese Pie by Recipe Junction(co-host's entry)
Basbousa by Sugar 'n' Spice
Basbousa by Purely Pedestrian
Bottom Row
Savoury Cheese Muffin by Recipe Junction(co-host's entry)
Diwali Cookies by Malaysian Delicacies

Curries/Side dishes :

Top Row :
Chicken Rezala by Recipe Junction(Co-host's Entry)
Red Curry Noodle Soup by Home Cook Food 
Middle Row
Gobi Masala without Onion and garlic by Cuisine Delights(Host's Entry)
Punjabi Chole by Recipe Junction(Co-host's Entry)
Chilli Chicken Sausage by Cuisine Delights(Host's Entry)
Bottom Row
Chicken Bharta by Cuisine Delights(Host's Entry)
Split white gram lentil by Home Cook Food 

Left : Home Made Red Enchiladas Sauce with Roasted Tomatoes by Home Cook Food
Right : Sweet and Spicy Lemon Pickle by Home Cook Food

Most number of recipes contributed by 
7 - Home Cook Food
6 - My Kitchen Odessey and Purely Pedestrian
4 - Simply Tadka and Nandoo's kitchen

Please accept this badge as a token of our appreciation!!!!!! Thank you everyone Once again!!!!!!!!!!

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