Aug 30, 2011

Borbotir Torkari(Yard Long Bean Curry)

Summer vegetables are always healthy, easy on stomach and loaded with full of nourishments . I guess summer time is good for eating light and healthy also. Here is a simple torkari recipe for Borboti or Indian Yard Long Bean also known as Asparagus bean.

Ingredients :

Borboti (Indian Yard Long Bean) - 1 bunch
Potato : 2 big, Cut into cubed
Tomato : 1 piece
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder : 1 tsp.
Roasted cumin-coriander powder : 1 tsp.
Garam masala powder : 1 tsp.
Yogurt/card : 11/2 tbsp.
Cumin seeds : 1 tsp.
Bay Leave : 1
Ghee : 1 tsp.
Sugar : 1 tsp.
Salt to taste

Method :

After washing borboti, shatter the ends and chop them into 1" inch long length.

Heat up a kadai, add cumin seeds, and bay leave, when seeds starts spluttering then add potato and fry on medium flame for 3-4 mins.
Now add Borboti (Indian Yard Long Bean), saute for 2 mins.

Add yogurt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, roasted cumin-coriander powder, sugar and salt. Mix well and add 1/2 of water cover and cook till the beans and potato  becomes soft.
This curry may be served hot with rice/roti and dal.

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