Jan 3, 2011


Phirni is a traditional Indian dessert,a rice pudding to be precise which is primarily made with milk,sugar,nuts and rice.This has been introduced to us by the Mughals. It’s very similar to the “Kheer” that we make. It must have originated during the times of mughal rule in India.


Basmati Rice : 50 gm.
Milk : 500 ml.
Sugar : 2/3 cup (or according to your taste)
Cashew nuts : about 15 pieces.
Rose water : 1 tsp..

Method :

  • In a grinder, grind rice into a course powder, not totally in powder. Same with the cashew nuts.

  • In a deep saucepan, put the milk , once it boil then reduce the heat to simmer then  add suger and stirring continuously, until milk is reduced by about a quarter.

  • Then add Rice and cashew nut, stirring continuously, continue cooking. it gives a beautiful creamy texture. Taste to see if it is sweet enough, if not, add some more sugar. 

  • When the rice is soft and the texture is very thick, add rose water. Mix well. The consistency of phirni is thick, not runny like rice pudding/Kheer. Remove from heat.

  • Garnish with raisin and cherry.

Sending this to Taste Of Pearl City's "A.W.E.D.- Indian Cuisine, Event"

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